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OldHaven tekya Lite aims to bring the modpack back from the dead into the living once again. We offer an enhanced experience that puts emphasis on uniting and working together without needless conflicts on the server. Want to build the most awesome base ever but you're afraid that it might get griefed? Fear not! In OldHaven Tekkit, you always have the peace of mind that everything you make stays safe and sound.

Want to join tekya?

First: Click here to download the Technic Launcher, After finished open the launcher with Java 7+ then in the launcher download Tekkit Lite as a modpack. Once done you can open it and join the IP.

Can't hear sounds? 
Click this link to get the resource file and extract its contents into the "resources" folder found in

windows: %appdata%/.technic/modpacks/tekkitlite/resources
linux: /home/USERNAME/.technic

In order to download Technic you must view this page on a non-mobile device!

IP: tekkit.oldhaven.net

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